Over the years EBA has worked on assignments for a wide range of clients. Typically do we engage when our clients have a defined product and is ready to scale, but we also engage in business management and pre-market introduction support.

Typical EBA projects:

  • Market entry and establishment for a Danish professional services systems integrator.
  • Market entry study and channel establishment for a UK based online publishing company.
  • Market assessment for a Danish RFID manufacturing company.
  • Fact-finding and stakeholder facilitation for a Danish healthcare technology company.
  • Business analysis and fundraising for a Norwegian B2B App company.
  • Establishment of partner network for a UK-based IT security company.
  • Market fit analysis and business transformation for a US-based geo-technology company.
  • Market introduction, acceleration and, management for a Danish SaaS B2B company.
  • US and European business acceleration for a European big data company.
  • Service alignment, and fundraising for a Danish green tech energy storage company.

In addition, do we work closely with more Nordic bridge organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. The projects span from channel setups to joint events and workshops related to market entry initiatives.